Invigorated mobility
We remove technological friction in video delivery by improving mobile network operators' infrastructure
What do we do
We gather end-user video delivery quality from app developers
Infrastructure Analytics
We collaborate with mobile networks operators providing network infrastructure analytics tools. Thus network bottlenecks are resolved
Quality Improvement
Network infrastructure quality improves resulting in end-user video delivery quality improvement

Vigo is here to improve video streaming delivery quality by dealing with mobile network operators
We offer Vigo Leap analytical tool free of charge. It enables:
Streaming delivery quality analytics
Measure how many of your clients experience delivery quality issues
Localise origins of insufficient delivery quality: end-user device; CDN-provider; backbone provider; end-user ISP; suboptimal traffic routing
Competitive Benchmarking
Option to benchmark your delivery quality metrics against market averages
In Perfect Details
Analyse through multiple lens:
  • regions
  • ISP
  • CDN-providers
  • end-user devices
Measure Real User Experience not Something Easy Measurable
Vigo imprints your client user-experience. If he or she experiences bad streaming experience it is frustrating no matter who is to blame
Evaluate Your Business Metrics Impact
How many users were lost due to delivery issues? What investment is reasonable in order to improve streaming delivery quality

Increasing the revenue of an online video service with Vigo Leap
Find out how you can improve your streaming delivery quality using Vigo for just 2-3 weeks
Why Vigo Leap
Business and Delivery Quality Metrics
You can analyse and correlate both streaming delivery quality metrics and your general business metrics i.e.: MAU, conversion rates, retention, DAU
Competetive Benchmarking
By providing this option you can locate weather a delivery issue within a certain operator in the particular geography is unique situation for your customers or rather all services have it either
Easy to Start
Just insert a number of lines of our code in your client app and you are good to go. We support all major app platforms
Free. Completely Free of Charge
Vigo business model relies on software licensing to mobile and fixed-line network operators
Privacy is the Priority
Your data privacy as well as the privacy of your clients is #1 priority for Vigo. We don't make money on selling ads or through data exchange
Quality is Improving
Our mission is to improve streaming delivery quality by woking together with telcos. You watch and enjoy the progress of delivery metrics
...and once again
It is Free
Get your Free Vigo Leap License
Requests from app developers and internet services are welcome