Increasing Tango Revenue by 4%
Vigo Leap helps find out about millions of minutes in unsatisfied demand that will allow significant extra earnings by Tango app — and advises on ways to make use of that opportunity through infrastructure adjustments.
Tango Me, Inc. is a leading mobile video platform with more than 280 million users worldwide. Launched in 2009 as the first cross-platform voice and video-calling app, Tango has expanded into social networking and content distribution to create new and better ways for people to connect live in real-time.

In 2017, Tango launched Tango Live, an interactive video platform for live content and instant communication around the world.

Since its launch, Tango has hosted millions of live video broadcasts and connected thousands around the world with the best-quality video, live masks and filters, games, music, and content.

In the attempt to understand possible ways of developing the service quality, Tango implemented Vigo Leap analytics solution that allows to see 200+ KQIs on video content delivery, including network connection parameters, as well as benchmarking on most business-relevant of those.

It was understood that any possible increase in minutes of use by Tango's users would result in additional in-app purchases.
How Vigo Leap Helps
By identifying key business-related metrics that influence revenue stream in the application, analysts effectively narrowed down the range of data to be taken into account: e.g. buffering time affects minutes of use (MoU) of the application and thus, in-app money spendings by users.
Benchmarking on the chosen parameters provided the possibility to distinguish gaps in the service's video delivery performance (excessive buffering time), data divided by geography and network providers.
Vigo Leap analytics allowed to identify improvement areas in network connections, and to provide recommendations in order to bring video content delivery quality up to its best, thus increasing the MoU and the revenue.
Results of the Analysis
As a result of the analysis, it was understood that just by improving the connectivity in certain determined spots, Tango is able to achieve increase in MoU by 4.2 mln minutes over 2 weeks. Implementation of the recommended improvements will result in regular revenue increase of 4%.

Vigo helps video services to find out how their customers perceive the service's quality on their actual device.

Vigo Leap will use field measurements and benchmark Key Quality Indicators against the market average to identify infrastructure bottlenecks that make customers unhappy.

Vigo will further work with mobile operators to help them plan their infrastructure updates.

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